Art Consultation and Sourcing

There is so much that art can bring to our lives. Erin Hutton Projects focuses on a detail-oriented, creative, and collaborative process to provide a specialized and personal approach to each project.

We intentionally prioritize the unique qualities of your location to bring out the best for each application or need. Our consultation services focus on a variety of locations, including hospitality, residential and corporate, museums, as well as professional and private spaces.

Collection Management

We think bigger about your personal and corporate art collections and understand that sometimes the work that fits in one location does not always fit in another.

We are here to help you understand your new location, home, business, or renovated space and figure out how to best relocate, source or deaccession works to best fit your next phase. We’ll work with you from the beginning to fully understand your collection and all the possibilities that await you.

Event Services

Erin Hutton Projects has over 20+ years of experience in outside-the-box thinking, designing, managing and developing events. Understanding the attendee’s perspective, and meeting and exceeding client goals and expectations through a creative design strategy is essential. Our team is informed and stays current on event trends and challenges to best provide unique solutions for each event.

Installation and Artist Support

We love installation days! Erin Hutton Projects will install a single painting or an entire collection; we will complete anything from museum exhibitions to expansive hospitality projects.

Our highly qualified, museum-trained staff regularly performs a full range of installations. We have extensive art installation service experience working within a range of venues which includes, but is not limited to, small galleries and museums, residential and commercial buildings, fairs and outdoor landscapes, specialized spaces, large-scale installations, and many other unique destinations.

Art Services for Hospitality

In an extremely competitive time where hotels are seeking to attract the interest of new guests and retaining those who’ve stayed before, the guest experience is one of the most valuable assets.

While not always overt, we know that art can thoughtfully enhance the guest experience from the moment the guest enters the hotel, and throughout the remainder of their stay. Commissioned site-specific artwork that is fresh and compelling, products made by artisans makers and one-of-a-kind paintings are used throughout all of our projects.

Clients and Partners