Hospitality Art Services

In an extremely competitive time where hotels are seeking to attract the interest of new guests and retaining those who’ve stayed before, the guest experience is one of the most valuable assets.

While not always overt, we know that art can thoughtfully enhance the guest experience from the moment the guest enters the hotel, and throughout the remainder of their stay. Commissioned site-specific artwork that is fresh and compelling, products made by artisans makers and one-of-a-kind paintings are used throughout all of our projects.

Thoughtfully authentic and creative contemporary art draws guests’ attention to look, seek connections and find a sense of place. Erin Hutton Projects works directly with hospitality clients and interior designers to curate rooms, hallways and public areas of all hotel spaces that enhance and reflect the brand as well as their physical location. Our curated works are specifically sourced and purchased locally, giving an authentic feel while continually supporting and engaging with the artistic and general communities in which we live, work and create in.

Our philosophy revolves around creative ideas and solutions for hotel art that inspires each guest, art that reflects a hotel’s ethos and makes it both stand out and feel like home.

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