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Erin Hutton is an art advisor, curator and founder of Erin Hutton Projects. For more than twenty years, she has immersed herself in the art world as an artist, educator, gallery director, curator, film production assistant, and designer. Erin received a BFA in Sculpture in 1998 from the Maine College of Art. Following her undergraduate studies, she held positions in a prominent advertising agency, production on film sets and public relations for a contemporary rug designer before entering into higher education. At that time, Hutton engaged closely with young artists to help them along their path to becoming professionals in their chosen fields.

In 2015, Hutton became the Director of Exhibitions and Special Projects at the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art (ICA at MECA) and has been credited with bringing a heightened level of sophistication to the ICA, creating extensive community outreach and establishing rigorous engagement with students, staff and faculty at MECA. There, she coordinated twenty-seven exhibitions presenting hundreds of artists’ works. That year, she created the public installation, SWARM, for the Press Hotel in Portland, Maine and became the art director and curator of the Press Hotel’s permanent gallery, where Erin has focused on highlighting the work of several Maine-based contemporary artists.

Hutton established herself as an independent art consultant and curator in 2016. Under this identity, Hutton builds contemporary art collections for private residences, corporate headquarters, hotels, and exhibitions. Erin is currently the Assistant Director at Speedwell Projects and is the co-founder of Studio 24b, a design and fabrication studio, with her partner, Matt Hutton. Together, they create custom woodworking & furniture for public and private clients across the country.