Installation Services

Our highly qualified, museum-trained staff regularly performs a full range of installations. We have extensive art installation services experience working within small galleries and museums, to residential and commercial buildings, fairs and outdoor landscapes to specialized spaces large scale installation and unique destinations.

How do we work?

We are knowledgeable and believe aesthetics matter within each decision we make. The safety of artworks and the spaces we work in is our top priority. White gloves or other protective handling methods are utilized whenever necessary to ensure the best results.

For the protection of artwork and safety of the installers, two professional handlers are always assigned to most jobs. We come prepared and understand that larger pieces can be heavy, awkward and dangerous. Our team always has safety on our minds and. when necessary, additional handlers will assist with difficult or unique installations.

We look forward to working with you and hope to create a lasting relationship with our clients. We approach our projects with honesty, reliability, and aesthetic creativity in order to make the most of your space and budget. A summarization of these services can be found below:

  • Pre-project consultation to discuss key project details and discuss essential requirements for the project

  • Provide a quote to fulfill the project and timeline

  • Facilitate and coordinate worldwide shipping options

  • Job-site delivery, unpacking, and placement

  • Removal of all project items, crates, and debris

zachau anniversary installation


Artist Support

We are trained artists ourselves. We are creative thinkers, problem solvers and are committed to our work. We are energized by meeting with artists, visiting their studios and hearing their stories. By working with artists for the last 18 years, we know that many prefer to be in the studio making work. Helping artists realize projects large and small can alleviate pressure and help them to accomplish their goals. We help artists manage their resources and establish timelines, connect to opportunities, and present new solutions for selling and exhibiting their artwork.

We want to share your work with our clients. As we work closely with clients, interior designers and architects to source new artworks; connect with us so we can promote your work.

We are always interested in connecting with new artists! Reach out to us on our contact page.

artist projects