Hospitality Art Services

In an extremely competitive time where hotels are seeking to attract the interest of new guests and retaining those who’ve stayed before, the guest experience is one of the most valuable assets.

While not always overt, we know that art can thoughtfully enhance the guest experience from the moment the guest enters the hotel, and throughout the remainder of their stay. Commissioned site-specific artwork that is fresh and compelling, products made by artisans makers and one-of-a-kind paintings are used throughout all of our projects.

Thoughtfully authentic and creative contemporary art draws guests’ attention to look, seek connections and find a sense of place. Erin Hutton Projects works directly with hospitality clients and interior designers to curate rooms, hallways and public areas of all hotel spaces that enhance and reflect the brand as well as their physical location. Our curated works are specifically sourced and purchased locally, giving an authentic feel while continually supporting and engaging with the artistic and general communities in which we live, work and create in.

Our philosophy revolves around creative ideas and solutions for hotel art that inspires each guest, art that reflects a hotel’s ethos and makes it both stand out and feel like home.

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Installation Services

Our highly qualified, museum-trained staff regularly performs a full range of installations. We have extensive art installation services experience working within small galleries and museums, to residential and commercial buildings, fairs and outdoor landscapes to specialized spaces large scale installation and unique destinations.

How do we work?

We are knowledgeable and believe aesthetics matter within each decision we make. The safety of artworks and the spaces we work in is our top priority. White gloves or other protective handling methods are utilized whenever necessary to ensure the best results.

For the protection of artwork and safety of the installers, two professional handlers are always assigned to most jobs. We come prepared and understand that larger pieces can be heavy, awkward and dangerous. Our team always has safety on our minds and. when necessary, additional handlers will assist with difficult or unique installations.

We look forward to working with you and hope to create a lasting relationship with our clients. We approach our projects with honesty, reliability, and aesthetic creativity in order to make the most of your space and budget. A summarization of these services can be found below:

  • Pre-project consultation to discuss key project details and discuss essential requirements for the project

  • Provide a quote to fulfill the project and timeline

  • Facilitate and coordinate worldwide shipping options

  • Job-site delivery, unpacking, and placement

  • Removal of all project items, crates, and debris

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Artist Support

We are trained artists ourselves. We are creative thinkers, problem solvers and are committed to our work. We are energized by meeting with artists, visiting their studios and hearing their stories. By working with artists for the last 18 years, we know that many prefer to be in the studio making work. Helping artists realize projects large and small can alleviate pressure and help them to accomplish their goals. We help artists manage their resources and establish timelines, connect to opportunities, and present new solutions for selling and exhibiting their artwork.

We want to share your work with our clients. As we work closely with clients, interior designers and architects to source new artworks; connect with us so we can promote your work.

We are always interested in connecting with new artists! Reach out to us on our contact page.

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Collection Management

We think bigger about your personal and corporate art collections and understand that sometimes the work that fit in one location does not always fit in another. We are here to help you understand your new location, home, business, or renovated space and figure out how to best relocate, source or deaccession works to best fit your next phase. We’ll work with you from the beginning to fully understand your collection and all the possibilities that await you.

For some clients, moving a collection from a larger home to a smaller or assisted living facility can be overwhelming. Let us help you!  We help clients plan ahead and support the development of their collection through inventory and strategic planning. We also coordinate with artist foundations and museums in order to arrange for donations, deaccessioning and acquisitions.



Art Consultation

There is so much that art can bring to our lives. Erin Hutton Projects is detailed, creative and collaborative to provide a specialized and personal approach to each project. We intentionally prioritize the unique qualities of your location to bring out the best for each application or need. From hospitality to residential, corporate to museums and professional and private spaces.

We work with you to select the ideal artwork for your project, vision, and budget. We are familiar with the artists and artwork you may not even be aware of. We source from international, national and local artists and students, we find art that speaks to the purpose and brand of your space and your company. If the perfect artwork doesn’t already exist, we will engage with artists to commission works that inspire and hire fabricators and designers to help create your custom piece(s).

We provide a single point of contact for all of your artwork requirements, offering the highest quality and range of all levels of art and artists, original concepts and designs, community programs and involvement, project management, as well as framing and installation.

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Erin Hutton Projects has over 20+ years of experience in outside-the-box thinking, designing, managing and developing events. Understanding the attendee’s perspective and meeting and exceeding client goals and expectations through creative design and strategy is essential. Our team is informed and stays current on event trends and challenges to best provide unique solutions for each event.

We know what it takes to work with small budgets, bootstrapping when needed, and true grit and dedication. It doesn't matter if you're hosting an event for thirty people in three months or a large scale fundraising event two years in the future, the commitment to each project is still the same. Erin Hutton Projects can jump in to meet your needs.

We work with non-profits, personal and professional clients, conferences, film productions, fashions shows, fundraising and corporate events. Our creative insight for empowering and supporting clients with design solutions, thus allowing their client’s brand and personality to shine through the entire production, also provides attendees with a one-of-a-kind event experience.

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